Monday, 4 July 2011

Unbroken promises

Unbroken Promises is a romance/adventure novel set in Levin, Foxton Shannon, NZ, around 1899.

When Blake strumbles across a family being abused by an overbearing and violent father named Walt, he can't just do nothing ... can he?
Helping this family sees Blake wongly branded as a criminal, and he finds himself on the run with four stolen children to care for.
Blake is a talented horse healer, but he must assume a new identity to protect the four children he now finds himself with. This presents a problem, for Blake has only six months to make his fortune and return to Foxton to claim the hand of his love, Sarah.
Sarah, daughter of the mayor of Foxton, has been promised by her father to Wilbur, son of the mayor of Levin, and the wedding plans have been made.
Meanwhile Blake's sister, Emily, finds herself employed by Wilbur and despite her best efforts to the contrary she cannot help but admire him.
When Blake and Wilbur meet, the futures of everyone will change forever, for Walt will not give up control over his family that easily and he now poses a threat to Emily that Blake cannot ignore.

Unbroken Promises is a tale of the pioneer spirit and a breed of people who never gave up ... no matter what!

Look for it later this year from Thistlewood Publishing.

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