Friday, 2 December 2011

Isabelle's Locket giveaway has ended

Congratulations to Debbie of Masterton, NZ, who has won a copy of Isabelle's Locket on Goodreads Giveaways.
A big thanks to everyone else who entered.
My next novel is due out in 2012 and I will host a new Zealand giveaway for that one too.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Isabelle's Locket Giveaway

I am hosting a giveaway of Isabelle's Locket on
Offer closes on December 2nd and is open to New Zealand residents only.

Check it out on Goodreads

For a limited time Isabelle's Locket is also available within New Zealand on TradeMe for NZ$10.

The Amazing Adventure of Amber and April is coming soon!!

The wait is nearly over for the first book in the Pixie series.
Karen and I have added a liberal peppering of illustrations to this delightful tale of courage and friendship as two little pixies face the dark and scary Tangled Wood to help their friend, a little bird called Fantail, reach Fairy Pool where her broken wing can be mended.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Amber and April are on their way!

 The Amazing Adventure of Amber and April will be available late November.

It is a heartwarming tale of two little pixies who refuse to abandon their injured friend.
Amber and April must travel through the dark and scary Tangled Wood to reach Fairy Pool, where Fantail's broken wing can be mended.
Only then can they return to Huggle Tree and see Mummy and Daddy again.

Delightfully illustrated, this book will teach young ones the importance of love, loyalty and minding their parents.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Do you love pixies?

The Amazing Adventure of Amber and April.
Written by Colleen Mitchell
Illustrated by Karen Anne Daly
Published by Thistlewood Publishing
Available November 2011

Monday, 4 July 2011

Unbroken promises

Unbroken Promises is a romance/adventure novel set in Levin, Foxton Shannon, NZ, around 1899.

When Blake strumbles across a family being abused by an overbearing and violent father named Walt, he can't just do nothing ... can he?
Helping this family sees Blake wongly branded as a criminal, and he finds himself on the run with four stolen children to care for.
Blake is a talented horse healer, but he must assume a new identity to protect the four children he now finds himself with. This presents a problem, for Blake has only six months to make his fortune and return to Foxton to claim the hand of his love, Sarah.
Sarah, daughter of the mayor of Foxton, has been promised by her father to Wilbur, son of the mayor of Levin, and the wedding plans have been made.
Meanwhile Blake's sister, Emily, finds herself employed by Wilbur and despite her best efforts to the contrary she cannot help but admire him.
When Blake and Wilbur meet, the futures of everyone will change forever, for Walt will not give up control over his family that easily and he now poses a threat to Emily that Blake cannot ignore.

Unbroken Promises is a tale of the pioneer spirit and a breed of people who never gave up ... no matter what!

Look for it later this year from Thistlewood Publishing.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Amazing Adventure of Amber and April.

Amber and April are two little pixies who live with Mummy and Daddy in Huggle Tree, the best tree in Sunshine Forest.
One day Amber, April and their friend Fantail, (a small native New Zealand bird with a tail like a fan), travel to the other side of the forest to watch some people having a picnic.

April's curiosity gets the better of her, and so begins an adventure for the little pixies.
Aided by two friendly birds and two little flower sprites,  the pixies must help Fantail return home when she is injured by a cat.
To help Fantail they must journey through the dark and scary Tangled Wood to find Fairy Pool.

A delightful tale of pixie children showing kindness to others, The Amazing Adventure of Amber and April has been tested on my four year old grand-daughter, Amber, and has received a 'read it again' rating many times over:)

Look for it this Christmas from Thistlewood Publishing.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Isabelle's Locket arrives in New Zealand

At last!!
Isabelle's Locket is available in New Zealand.

To order a copy email me at, or you can get it from Trademe in NZ.

In Australia you can order it from

To order from any other country in the world, you can get it from

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Welcome to Colleen Mitchell Books


My name is Colleen Mitchell and I am a Kiwi author living in Levin, New Zealand.
I have a grown-up daughter, two wonderful granddaughters and a German Shepherd named Harley.

My first book with Thistlewood Publishing is Isabelle's Locket.
This is a fast paced time-travel adventure set in Foxton in 1910/2010.
It is available internationally right now at or and at most other online bookstores.
There is a review on Amazon you can check out.
I am also excited to say that Isabelle's Locket will be released in New Zealand very soon.
A release date will be available soon.

Big thanks go out to my publisher Gail (a very patient person, so I have found out), editor Martha (equally patient), and and to Debra for the stunning cover.

Here is a picture of me, and my book

Thistlewood Publishing is currently working with me to get the next NZ based novel out.
This is an exciting adventure/romance set in Foxton/Shannon/Levin around 1899 and is titled Unbroken Promises.
 Keep watching this space for a release date!!

I am also currently working on a series of books aimed at 11-16yr olds who love horses and riding. This series will be titled Ridgeview Riding Club Girls, and will feature one girl's story in each book. It is set in Otaki, New Zealand.
I have kept horses for over 30 years, and so this series will be based on my own experiences.
My dear old horse Toby died last year, and if you look carefully you will see him pop up somewhere in every one of my novels.

My two darling granddaughters Amber and April will feature in a yet-to-be-written tale of the Amazing Adventures of Amber and April (two mischievous pixies living in a big old tree who try to do good, but who always seem to end up making trouble for themselves...and for everyone around them.)
This book will be illustrated by my very talented sister Karen Daly, a respected artist in New Zealand.

Join me on facebook, or check out my bio at