Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Amazing Adventure of Amber and April.

Amber and April are two little pixies who live with Mummy and Daddy in Huggle Tree, the best tree in Sunshine Forest.
One day Amber, April and their friend Fantail, (a small native New Zealand bird with a tail like a fan), travel to the other side of the forest to watch some people having a picnic.

April's curiosity gets the better of her, and so begins an adventure for the little pixies.
Aided by two friendly birds and two little flower sprites,  the pixies must help Fantail return home when she is injured by a cat.
To help Fantail they must journey through the dark and scary Tangled Wood to find Fairy Pool.

A delightful tale of pixie children showing kindness to others, The Amazing Adventure of Amber and April has been tested on my four year old grand-daughter, Amber, and has received a 'read it again' rating many times over:)

Look for it this Christmas from Thistlewood Publishing.